Hassle-free writing for digital content teams

Seamlessly manage the process of creating and publishing great online content.

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Unlock your creativity

Block-based structural editing gives you the flexibility and control to progressively shape your ideas without worrying about losing content or compromising the creative process.

Not sure about a section? No problem, just make those paragraphs invisible to exclude them from any drafts. You can always make them visible again, if you change your mind.

Connect with your audience

Our in-depth writing analysis lets you continually refine your ideas to find the best way to express them for your audience.

Grammar, style, readability and consistency are just some of the areas that it covers to help you improve the quality of your content and make an impact.

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Keep track of progress

Draft management gives you a bird’s-eye view of the content in your editorial pipeline. Each new draft can’t be changed after it’s been created, which makes it simpler to keep track of different versions of content.

Once a draft is ready, you can approve it for publishing directly to Medium or Wordpress, or request a new draft with particular revisions.

Be more productive together

Real-time collaboration lets you simultaneously work with multiple people on the same project. Using permission controls, you can give different collaborators the appropriate level of access to each project.

Slack integration also lets you coordinate with your teammates to get more work done using familiar tools.

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